Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Propaganda Spin and Ukraine


The propaganda spin in the linked CNN piece is stunning.

The only side that stands to benefit from the use of a dirty bomb in Ukraine is Ukraine as it could be used to justify Western powers to directly intervene with troops and weapon systems against Russia directly as opposed to Ukraine being merely a proxy. Ukraine has been calling for direct intervention for months as they know they cannot out scale or out escalate a power house like Russia. Russia doesn’t need an excuse to escalate, they’ll just escalate. It’s the West that needs an excuse, to gain the necessary public support, to directly intervene against Russia. It’s the Iraqi's throwing babies out of incubators and weapons of mass destruction all over again. When will we ever learn?

Russia using a dirty bomb in Ukraine would not benefit Russia one iota. Russia doesn’t want Western troop deployments in Ukraine nor does Russia desire direct conflict with the West. Such a thing could very easily escalate into a World War 3 and the possible use of nuclear weapons. The Ukrainian conflict is seen as existential by Russia, they have stated emphatically they do not wish to be dominated by Western financial interests and also reject the culturally perverse direction of the West. Russian leadership clearly desires to be a strong independent nation, not a vassal state controlled by others.

This CNN article absolutely proves the contempt Western corporate and geopolitical elites have for the common people.

They seriously expect a naive and dumbed down public to believe that Russia has a sincere interest in utilising a dirty bomb in Ukraine. It's such an absurd and desperate concoction in that it defies plain common sense.

Unfortunately, just like with the promoted Covid hysteria, many people in the West will  swallow the promoted Russia hysteria, hook, line and sinker.

Don’t be one of them.


Russia is accusing Ukraine of planning to use a so-called dirty bomb, an allegation dismissed by Kyiv and its Western allies as a false-flag operation that Moscow could use as a pretext to escalate the Kremlin’s war against its neighbor.>>>

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