Monday, October 24, 2022



Love is patient, love is kind.
Love reveals God's character, it reveals God's mind.
Love restrains evil, love prevents wrong,
Love works at the source, to noise it is a song.
Love does not envy, love is not puffed up.
For love is a relationship with our Creator, with whom we can sup.
Love makes us thankful, it makes us appreciate the gift of life,
Love allows us to endure in peace, all manner of strife.
Love never fails, for it endures and remains strong,
Love is the antidote to evil, the antidote to doing wrong.
World leaders have their solutions, they all call us to do our part,
Yet when was the last time you ever heard a world leader, promote love out of a pure heart?
"Love one another, out of a heart that is clean and pure."
"Obeying God through the Spirit," the way to be secure,
It's what the Apostle Peter taught, yielded to our Designer above,.
It's the true victory over evil in life, the victory found in love.

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