Monday, July 12, 2021

Sydney Lockdown

Doesn't Sydney being under lockdown and the new variants being out of the box mean that all previous lockdowns/border closures in Australia were for nothing?

Hasn't it always been virus now or virus later?

It does appear that the spread of the virus cannot be stopped and therefore wouldn't it make more sense to just live with it? Allow people to make their own risk evaluations and decisions?

Of course that is what makes sense to me, but then again, when authoritarian measures continue to be used to "stop the virus," to stop using those measures would be admitting that their previous use was in error. Political suicide?

Human pride at issue? Is it like when you read those stories of online romance scams where people continue to send money to the scammer in the deluded off chance hope that they are not being scammed, due to having a significant investment already?

Here in Tennessee things are completely back to normal save for media fearmongering and some ongoing political rhetoric by the authoritarian types.

Everything is completely open, massive crowds, concert events, no restrictions whatsoever. 40% of Tennesseans are vaccinated with the uptake rate having slowed (ie. those who want the vaccine have taken it with most Tennesseans rejecting it). The Tennessee Department of Health has admitted we are at herd immunity due to a combination of natural immunity from those who have had the virus combined with the vaccinations.

Yet I look at Australia which appears to be back at the beginning even with a vaccine available. 1, ONE, a single death attributed to Covid in Australia in 2021 (a 90 year old woman) and yet a complete lockdown and a massive fear campaign. Still no cost/benefit analysis as it pertains to the destructive nature of lockdowns, government money printing and increased government dependency.

Two weeks to flatten the curve to "your papers please," economic destruction, a medical surveillance state, a complete and utter disregard for individual liberty and the concept of people being able to make their own decisions.

It's such a shame to see my birth country, the country where I lived most of my life, go this way.

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