Monday, May 31, 2021

Vaccine Hesitancy - Are People Chess Pieces on a Board?

Linked below is a study sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Health examining methods to manipulate the public into vaccine acceptance and compliance via targeted messaging and media placement.

The manipulation of the public mind and associated social engineering is a very real science.

Take note that the entire framework of the study and conclusions drawn is confined within the context of "vaccine hesitancy" as it relates to people being "worried" about the vaccine
The truth though is that there are very many people who actually believe that the first line of defence against SARS-CoV-2 is a healthy and strong immune system developed and maintained through a healthy diet and lifestyle.

The pharmaceutical industry and their lackeys in government will not push a true health oriented approach (ie. REAL healthcare), instead they only push their drug oriented approach which results in a society of cash cows perpetually being harvested.

"Drink your sugar drinks, sit down all day, eat junk food, just take the vaccine. Even if you are fit and healthy with a strong immune system, take the vaccine." They don't really care about public health, what they really care is about THEIR AGENDA and patting each other on the back. What an insulting view of society.

The "vaccine pushers" are so out of touch with actual reality for in their naive world view the vaccine is the solution to everything and therefore it is their duty to impose it on others through psychological manipulation. These are not good people.

There are some people, like me, who will NEVER take this vaccine because we actually believe in the sufficiency of the human immune system and also object to the use of cell lines being used to test and produce these vaccines which are derived from unwanted babies intentionally killed in the womb. Thus it is not even an issue of "is the vaccine safe," that's a secondary issue.

No amount of manipulative propaganda can bend reality.

Tennessee Vaccine Messaging Study

State of Tennessee COVID-19 Vaccine Study

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