Thursday, January 21, 2021

Redefining History

"Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.” George Orwell

The linked CNN article is a good read, not because it is truthful but because it basically outlines a future of the United States as a "woke nation divided into separate identities" wherein the government provides "racial sensitivity training" educating people about "white privilege" and "critical race theory." Of course, those whom oppose such a future are labelled as "racists." It's nothing more than Marxist dialectical manipulation via the means of dividing people into separate "unequal" groups necessitating an increase in "central planning" and the associated "centralised power" in order to make things "equal."

The CNN article in particular deals with the critique against the "1619 Project." The major thesis of the "1619 Project" is that it frames the beginning of the United States as taking place in 1619 with the arrival of the first slaves in Virginia. The major narrative then becomes a United States actually founded upon slavery and that slavery is central to all things United States. Thus the themes of "liberty and freedom," "unalienable individual rights" and "limited government established to expressly preserve such rights" are swept under the bed.

The real founding principles of the United States MUST be swept under the bed because they stand in stark contrast to centralised authoritarian control of the people. This is why the "1619 Project" is being taught in the schools. Adolf Hitler didn't create the "Hitler Youth" for no reason, he realised that he had to mould the minds of the children that they support, without question, a centralised and authoritarian Nazi state. It may not be Nazi's this time around, but it is certainly centralised authoritarianism. The labels change but not the agenda towards centralised power and control over the people.
Now back to the "1619 Project." Whilst it is true that slavery is an evil in USA history it is by no means the FOUNDATION of the nation as the "1619 Project" asserts.

Slavery has been a worldwide institution (it still exists in parts of Africa) going back millennia. The word "slave" actually has its origin with "Slav" in reference to the Slavic people of Central and Eastern Europe being enslaved by the Moors of Northern Africa. People have been enslaving other people for millennia. Blacks have enslaved Blacks. Whites have enslaved Whites. Blacks have enslaved Whites. Whites have enslaved Blacks. Asians have enslaved Asians etc. Slavery wasn't about race, it was about domination. When one people were able to dominate another slavery was often the result.

The reason racism became a thing in the Southern United States is because those whom supported slavery needed some justification in face of the critique by those whom supported the founding principles of the United States.

You see, "all men are created equal and are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, LIBERTY, and the pursuit of happiness" doesn't gel well with enslavement. Thus when the abolitionists were pointing this out there needed to be some justification as to why the Black slaves were not included in "all men." Thus the view of the Black man as a "lesser human" closer to a "beast of burden" was born.

Slavery wasn't the result of racism in the United States. Racism was the result of trying to defend slavery against the USA founding principles. This is what the "1619 Project" completely ignores and it ignores it because the purpose of the "1619 Project" is to subtly promote authoritarian centralised control over the people, it is not designed to promote "all men are created equal and individual liberty."

So with that in mind go read the CNN article on the future of a woke United States divided into separate identities and understand why Joe Biden will issue an executive order to dissolve the "1776 Commission" in favour of the "1619 Project" being taught to the youth of the United States.

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