Saturday, June 27, 2020


Social Distancing and Mask mandates = An expressionless, fearful, germaphobic, socially distanced, distrustful society dependent on government as their parent telling them what to do.

If health is so important then why is there ZERO government advice pertaining to developing healthy immune systems via a healthy diet and lifestyle??????? Not a peep.

There is no emphasis whatsoever on developing or maintaining a healthy immune system via healthy living. A healthy immune system is the PRIMARY means of defence against viruses and microbes of all sorts, not government mandates.

All the emphasis in both the political and media sphere is on "following mandates" and "living in fear" and shaming anyone who values independence, personal responsibility and freedom.

Power has gone to the heads of the "experts" whom perceive themselves as saviours of humanity. They certainly hold the general public in utter contempt and clearly desire to implement THEIR plans over the plans of individual citizens.

The initial modelling which was used to justify economic and livelihood destruction was proven to be a grossly inaccurate overstatement. The "experts" were wrong but the consequences of their error are very real.

Consequences of an Economic Shutdown

This current situation is the most incredible experiment in group-think I have ever seen.

Consider that if the central planners, whom desire to impose "their plans" on everyone else, were to instead primarily emphasise healthy living, it would serve to minimise their role as saviours and thus miminise their role in society. Human ego is at stake here.

An emphasis upon independence, personal responsibility and freedom would shift the ball back to the individual and therefore lessen any imperative towards group-think where people look towards government as their parent.

Who are the people most at risk from SARS-CoV-2? We know it is the unhealthy, those with immunological or respiratory deficiencies. A considerable amount of these people are the elderly and obese. Certainly it makes sense to protect the elderly by taking extra precautions such as temperature checks or mask wearing at retirement homes, even altering some services makes sense like grocery stores allocating specific shopping hours for the vulnerable.

Yet that has not been the primary focus has it? The primary focus has instead been the total reorientation of society within a context of subservience to social distancing and mask wearing mandates. Mandates which will clearly have a deleterious effect upon societal cohesion.

People are not thinking, they are following blindly and encouraging others to do so as well. I have even seen babies with masks on outside when the temperature is over 80 degrees fahrenheit (27 degrees celcius) and the air is very humid. Mothers have been put in absolute fear and somehow think that placing a mask on their baby on a hot day is beneficial. I don't need to be a doctor to know this is stupidity.

Here are the re-opening guidelines for schools in Tennessee written by the Tennessee Department of Education...

Here are the three videos they released...

One way walkways between desks?
Children to wear masks?
Children to keep 6 feet away from each other?
Children not allowed to share pencils and other stationary/articles?
Classes no longer allowed to mix?
Lunch to be eaten in classrooms?

What kind of psychological damage will this do to children? Do we really want to encourage children to be germaphobic automatons constantly in fear for their health, even afraid to share a pencil, dependent on living a life according to a strict set of rules set by "experts" ?

You can't make this stuff up but many people seem to be going along with it without even a pause.

Do we really want to live in a fearful, distrustful, expressionless society with an emphasis on being distant from one another? Have we all gone mad?

Or am I the mad one? Am I the one who just doesn't get it?

No! I do get it. Masses of people can certainly be psychologically manipulated to work against their own best interests and follow along with the crowd, even to the most extreme of examples.

Don't believe it? Just read up on what is known as the "Great Purge" conducted by Joseph Stalin between 1936 and 1938. Joseph Stalin managed to convince his entire apparatus, the very people whom had brutally collectivised regional areas, to inform on and murder each other for crimes they did not commit and was even able to obtain confessions of treason from his most loyal supporters for the many show trials that were conducted. It's a stunning moment in history where Soviet society entered into a mass psychosis of a war of all against all. A mass delusion where an estimated 750,000 people were murdered by their fellows, not the Russian peasants or those defined as Kulaks whom were murdered during the collectivisation, no, rather those of the apparatus loyal to Stalin's cause.

Whilst we may not be in a murderous purge of all against all, we have certainly entered into a state of mass psychosis wherein many are unwittingly working to destroy the very fundamentals of a cohesive and free society all in the name of a virus with an estimated .1% to .3% fatality rate.

Jesus spoke of how the "blind lead the blind" (Luk 6:39) within the context of how those not grounded in truth unwittingly mislead others unto destruction. I encourage everyone to diligently seek truth, especially spiritually. Don't blindly follow the herd.

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