Sunday, December 18, 2022

Increasing Centralised Power


Authorities seldom ever let a crisis incident go to waste.
Federalising any power away from the states makes it more difficult for individual states to make their own determinations. Whether it be on firearm laws or anything else.
An increase in centralised power further erodes the power of the individual people subject to that power.
Notice that in the call to federalise state gun laws under a uniformity contract there is no explanation as to how such a thing would actually keep people safer. It’s just an unwritten assumption of “more centralised power = better.” Is it really?
It’s much easier for people, through their representatives, to effect change at the state level as opposed to the federal level.
Centralised power is one size fits all power. Imagine if State Premier Daniel Andrews was President of the World and implemented his vax mandate and lockdown policies for the entire planet. Would that be a good thing? There would have been no unmasked and open Sweden. No open and unmasked Florida. Just a one size fits all stay in your local bubble, no visitors, destroy small business, expanding government debt, government as your parent policy for the planet.
A one size fits all approach negates competition and comparisons. If the one size fits all policy is flawed there is no better policy to compare it to.
Did Florida suffer the mass death predictions prophesied by the authoritarians in other jurisdictions? No it didn't. Neither did Florida small business suffer the same fate as small businesses in Melbourne, Australia. The people of Florida did not become dependent on bailouts from an increasing indebted state government either.
Decentralisingg power to the edges where it is localised is far more effective and responsive to the individuals being governed. It's far easier to petition a local state representative than a federal representative and it far easier for a local state representative to effect any needed change than that of a federal representative.
Yet the authoritarian minded will always push in the other direction every opportunity they get. Why? It makes it easier to exercise and retain power.
Calls to reform gun laws after Queensland cop shootingg

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