Saturday, July 2, 2022



That which was from the beginning,

That which we have seen and heard,

Wrote John in his First Epistle,

He was speaking of the Word.

In God there is no darkness,

For God is the glorious light,

In whom we may have true fellowship,

If so be it we walk in the Light.

If we say we have no sin, we are liars,

Denying that that we chose to transgress.

Yet if we confess and forsake our rebellion,

A fresh start, in the Spirit, God grants us no less.

True fellowship with Christ brings joy,

Inwardly to our heart and soul,

Our past washed away and forgotten,

Previously broken we have now been made whole.

John wrote that the love of God is perfected,

In those whom keep Jesus' word,

Our deeds must match our profession,

Anything less is simply absurd.

For a tree is known by its fruit,

An illustration of the truth of the heart,

Deeds demonstrate our character,

Whether we be with God or set apart.

When in a state of rebellion,

We are turned towards that which is dark,

And thus, by default, rejecting our Saviour,

That which is the life giving spark.

We ought all ponder virtue,

It's something we all ought to muse,

Virtue is premised on choice,

The clear ability to choose.

For it is in times of temptation,

That our real self is made so clear,

Do we choose good or evil?

Are we far from God or are we near?

For without times of temptation,

The opportunity to resist that which is wrong,

How would we exercise good character?

To be aligned with God being strong.

Man is the pinnacle of Creation,

Able to reflect, reason and set goals,

Yet, with the ability to make choices,

Comes great risk to our souls.

Which is why we must be diligent,

That we make choices that are best,

Lest we are caught in deception,

Walking wrong until the day we rest.

This present world is temporal,

Our time here will soon pass away,

It's really a test of what we worship,

Whether carnality or God's holy way.

This life is an opportunity,

To have true value set in our heart,

Life is a gift not to be squandered,

God's kingdom, we can be a part.

Which brings us back to the beginning,

To that which John saw and heard,

Life that which is eternal,

That one true and living Word.

James wrote that it is the implanted Word that saves us,

Should we truly recieve it into our soul,

It's through repentance and faith we may enter in,

A union with God, in love, being the goal.

"Few there be that find it,"

Jesus warned those willing to hear,

The world with all its distractions,

Would prevent many from coming near.

Let's reflect on what is life eternal,

To truly know God and His Spirit above,

Knowing God and Jesus whom was sent,

United with God manifestly in love.

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