Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Mandatory Vaccination Inevitible in Australia?

Lockdowns result in mandatory vaccination? The thought came to my mind as I reflected on the study linked at the bottom of this article. Such an outcome just seems inevitable to my mind.

Suppression of infection through hard lockdowns all but guarantee followup waves upon a vulnerable population. Why is this so? Well because hard suppression strategies prevent natural immunity developing among the least vulnerable of the population which in turn leaves them very susceptible to followup waves due to lack of any development of herd immunity..

If a strategy of protecting the vulnerable whilst allowing those less at risk to carry on as normal was implemented, one would expect herd immunity to develop at a faster rate than hard suppression strategies. Under hard suppression strategies vaccination is the only means via which enough people can be exposed to a means by which immunity develops.

I see the past 18 months of a zero virus suppression strategy in Australia as evidence of this. Due to Australia having suppressed themselves into a bubble the nation has become ripe for followup waves in which the general population has no immunity. So long as the government keeps pushing the same strategy, I think it leads to the conclusion that mandatory vaccination is simply inevitable as the means to deal with this lack of natural immunity. To steer away from a mandatory vaccination approach would force the government to admit that a zero virus suppression strategy was erroneous from the beginning and that would be political suicide. The government will NEVER admit that, the incentive is to double down and steer public opinion via fear metrics to support mandatory vaccination.

Perhaps not mandatory in the sense of a specific law, but with the cooperation of corporations and businesses, the non-vaccinated will be find themselves completely marginalised from society. This is where it is going.

Also, once Australia succumbs to this inevitability I would expect the people will find themselves perpetual cash cows for followup booster shots as new variants naturally arise in the future. The people will have dug their own hole and jumped into it through allowing themselves to having been so easily manipulated by fear and apathy and they'll be baffled as to how it all actually happened.

Australia will be a medical surveillance state with a population perpetually being milked by Big Pharma. Not a conspiracy, just an inevitability in my opinion.

The vast increase in government power over the individual won't end there either due to the negative consequences resulting from government intervention which will be argued as grounds for more government intervention.

It reminds me of when you let the plug out of a sink full of water. At first the water is circling nice and slow but as it drains down it speeds up around the drain and then, bam, all gone. The water is individual freedom in Australia.

I hope I am wrong

<<<Stronger interventions, however, are associated with suppression of the infection such that a second wave is observed once the interventions are lifted. For example, adding place closures to case isolation, household quarantine, and social distancing of over 70s substantially suppresses the infection during the intervention period compared with the same scenario without place closures. However, this suppression then leads to a second wave with a higher peak demand for ICU beds than during the intervention period, and total numbers of deaths that exceed those of the same scenario without place closures.
When the interventions are lifted, there is still a large population who are susceptible and a substantial number of people who are infected. This then leads to a second wave of infections that can result in more deaths, but later. Further lockdowns would lead to a repeating series of waves of infection unless herd immunity is achieved by vaccination, which is not considered in the model.>>> Effect of school closures on mortality from coronavirus disease 2019: old and new predictions. October 2020 https://www.bmj.com/content/371/bmj.m3588

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