Sunday, December 13, 2020

Truth From The Experts About Coronavirus Deaths? I'm Not Holding My Breath

If 570 of 640 people (89%) who died of Covid-19 in two New Jersey hospitals had "do not resuscitate" orders {1] prior to being admitted to hospital then that certainly means that those 89% were already on deaths door.

"Do not resuscitate" orders are instructions given in the context of people at the "end of their lives or with an illnesses that will not improve" [2] and are often designated when people are in hospice care.

Clearly this 89% figure can be extrapolated with the implication that all Covid-19 related deaths likely have an equally high association with "do not resuscitate" orders. This clearly means that the vast majority of those dying of Covid-19 would have died shortly thereabouts due to the impact of already present illness.

It's a fact that the average age of death due to Covid-19 [3] is higher than that of those due to heart disease [4]. Not only that, but more people die each year due to heart disease than died from/with Covid-19 in 2020 by just under a factor of three [3][4]. It's similar with heart attacks [5].

Therefore the question we ought ask is why have we been destroying small businesses, increasing government dependence, completely undermining the rule of law by allowing executive branches of government to "make law," printing more money than ever than every before in history, destroying children's education, as well as inducing constant fear and paranoia in the general public when the above statistics are factual?

How can any of this can possibly be rooted in a genuine concern for the public's health when the consequences of the action taken is so destructive?  You DO NOT cut your leg off in order to prevent a foot infection. There has NEVER been an official cost/benefit analysis done as it pertains to any of this and such a cost/benefit analysis is not even discussed in the mainstream media. WHY?

There are even examples of people resigning from their official positions so they can speak out against all this insanity, one example being Sanjeev Sabhlo, a former economist in the Victorian Department of Finance and Treasury [6] in Australia. Again, you DO NOT cut your leg off in order to prevent a foot infection. Even with that being said, it is worth considering that there may be those in the business of selling crutches who may have an interest in compelling you to amputate that leg.


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