Monday, December 21, 2020

Fact Check for the Corporate/Political/Media Alarmist Narrative


Here is a Fact Check for the corporate/political/media alarmist narrative.
Florida with NO LOCKDOWN has less than half the cases per million than California which is under a strict lockdown.
Florida (397 persons per sq. m.) even has a much higher population density than California (253 persons per sq. m.).
The truth is that lockdowns are about the exercising of power and control over people by the dictatorial minded, a type of people whom relish in ruling over others with the excuse of "we have to do something" or "we know better than you" as opposed to allowing a free people make their own decisions and risk assessments. It's bullying to be plain and simple.
I don't support bullying. Do you?


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  1. Just the term lockdown infers something of a penal nature.