Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Firstly, in the following linked video, Tucker Carlson raises some prudent points relating to the recent negative media coverage of the rallies which call for States to re-open and reign in their authoritarian COVID-19 response.


I attended both Nashville's Sunday and Monday rallies and it was during Monday's event that a counter-protester showed up with ill intent.

The counter-protestor was a lady carrying a sign saying, "Sacrifice the Weak - Re-Open TN." She arrived by herself and positioned herself curbside in the middle of the rally but soon moved down the road to where a television crew (WZTV FOX 17) were interviewing some hair salon workers. This was when I approached this girl and took the photo which appears as the main image for this article. She wasn't interested in talking to anyone, only in getting her sign in front of the cameras.

As soon as the television crew finished their filming the girl left the rally with mission accomplished. She didn't engage with a single person at the rally and her message was most certainly not that of the rally. It was an obvious malicious attempt to deceitfully malign the message of the rally.

You can see the counter-protester approach the news crew interviewing the salon workers in the following video at the 6:55 mark.


FOX 17 then ran a news story with the counter-protestors sign leading the article, which demonstrates either bias or lazy and incompetent journalism...


Now carefully consider the sign she held for a moment. Certainly it is the message she associates with the "Free-TN" movement. She has presented this message in very vivid terms in an obvious attempt to defame the movement. It is kind of like her way of saying, "this is what these people really mean."

The participants of the rally DO CARE for the vulnerable, they just don't agree that shutting down production, authoritarianism and violating fundamental liberties is the means to do so. The "economy" and "saving lives" ARE NOT mutually exclusive principles. Healthcare is funded through direct payments, insurance premiums as well as taxation. Destroying an economy destroys the foundation that a healthcare system is established upon. There is a reason that people generally live longer in developed first world countries with market economies.

In the mind of the counter-protestor "Free-TN" equates to "sacrificing the weak." Many of those whom have a socialist mindset sincerely believe that those whom advocate the principles of "Limited Government" and "Individual Liberty" lack empathy and care for the vulnerable and less fortunate. In their mind, it is the fundamental principles of "Limited Government" and "Individual Liberty" which stand in the way of, what they perceive, as the "much needed centrally planned authoritarian solutions" required to deal with societies problems.

The whole incident and its media aftermath not only serves as a good lesson as to why we need to use critical thinking and source verification when perusing information, it also serves to give us pause as to why people do the things they do, what is going in in their mind and what lies at the root of their perception.

It is also pertinent to remember that real freedom is freedom FROM sin (Mat 1:21) and subsequently being raised up into a new spiritual life (Rom 6:4, 8:2, 2Cor 5:17).

real war being fought is spiritual and the thing being contested for is the souls of men.
Eph 6:12  For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

(Main Image - Deceitful counter-protestor attempting to maliciously misrepresent and malign the message of Nashville's Free-TN rally)

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